HitBliss Earn on Desktop




Desktop Apps

The second part of HitBliss is Earn mode. Here the user can earn cash credit for attentively engaging with brands.

Each user sees a navigable playlist, or queue, with their most relevant and valuable ads appearing first. While each user’s ads will have different values determined by the respective marketer, the user is free to navigate to any ad in his queue, trading higher credit value for relevance. Users can also skip any ad and earn nothing, consume a portion for partial credit, or complete the ad for its full value. In every case, the marketer pays in proportion to the attention its message received. Watch The List review

Awarded: Best Online Video Innovation by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX)

HitBliss was featured in: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo, and many more news outlets for it's innovation in advertising. Watch the WSJ review

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