Show Me the Money...Earn Dashboard





In this future state for the Earn mobile, I had a design challenge on how to show complicated dashboards on a much smaller mobile screen. HitBliss started out on the desktop so in this case I wasn't designing for mobile first, it was kind of like putting a square peg into a round hole. Basically I had to design a way to view a list of settings that controlled the user’s ad watching experience. In the mobile app and on the desktop we called it "personalization" and changing these settings would serve up more valuable ads so the user could earn money faster. To simply put it: the more they shared about themselves, the more personalized the ads become.

Awarded: Best Online Video Innovation by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX)

HitBliss was featured in: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo, and many more news outlets for it's innovation in advertising. Watch the WSJ review

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