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HitBliss was a ground breaking service that enables consumers to earn payment for highly sought after, ad-free digital content, including the latest blockbuster movie rentals, day after air TV episode purchases and music subscriptions. Instead of incurring the customary credit card fee for content, users can earn payment by engaging with brands of their choice, on their own schedules and on virtually any device as a totally separate activity from purchasing or consuming content.

HitBliss was accessible through a state-of-the-art desktop and mobile app with two parts: HitBliss Store and HitBliss Earn. In HitBliss Store, users can access digital content and in HitBliss Earn, they earn cash credit for attentively engaging with brands.

Awarded: Best Online Video Innovation by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX)

HitBliss was featured in: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo, and many more news outlets for it's innovation in advertising. Watch the WSJ review

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