Designing a New Report Experience.

Goal: To create one single, modern, and differentiated visualization experience for all of our data assets and products.

Experience Goals: The technology you love to use is simple, easy, and consistent, always available, and always improving. It gets you what you need, when you need it, and makes your life that much better.

“It is slow, non-intuitive, clunky, and
the important stuff is hard to get to.” User feedback of current state

Persona #1: Tom an Account Mfr sales

Looks at trends of what products have been working well (both them and competition). Trends of what tactics (price points, pricing language etc) have been working well. See if they need to adjust their plan, talks to retailers.

Persona #2: Arianna Revenue Management, responsible for trade funds.

Looking to understand event performance to: 1) identify / correct under performance, 2) replicate winning tactics, 3) understand how trade is performing overall against KPIs / objectives.

Persona #3: Maya Brand Manger

What retailers are working well vs competition or some benchmark. Top tactics/drivers of event performance in the market, understand why? What geographic locations.

View the illustrated user journey of Maya This was something I wrote and illustrated it was for leadership to help them understand her journey better.

“I can't spend all of my time in a planning system.” Tom Account Mfr Sales

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Main finding: Users do not want to spend a lot of time searching for reports in different apps and then find the key points inside of them to understand the state of business. Optimized data descriptions and discovery of reports would be a big help to them. Need a truly connected experience by streamlining the transition from one user sub goal to the next within a journey. Users would like actionable recommendations with insights.


About the current architecture: Users have to pick what apps they need without any help from the system. Building more apps is not scalable solution. There are many ways to create a report but the user will never know what path to take.

Recommendation: A truly connected experience is created by streamlining the transition from one user sub goal to the next within a journey need to eliminate the concept of apps. See below for the new taskflow.


Taskflow: Is based on features for MVP product launch in 5 months. It is now a single flow to build a report, eliminating all apps for a truly connect experience.

At this point in the project teams have now been created based on the phases of the taskflow. For me personally I was assigned "Report Viewer" and a new section that was added in later a "marketplace" for all report templates to live.

We also added a new persona: Richard a Retail Category Manager who will spend most of his time making and looking at reports. Perfect persona for "Report View".


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Now it is time for low fidelity wireframes to start, with sketching, prototyping, and brainstorming ideas for "Report Viewer" and a "Marketplace".

After a series of wireframes there are some things we liked. A filmstrip of reports if there is a flow, insights of the report, needed full width of the screen because the reports run wide, and a card pattern was the best way to view temples in the marketplace.

This was a true design thinking process, all along the way I would demo my ideas to leadership and test new ideas. Putting all the feedback together I moved into a more high fidelity wireframe, now that features are becoming more clear.


User testing: The high fidelity wireframes have been worked on for several sprints and designs are beginning to harden. It was now time to test our design thinking with some user testing with clients. This process took about a sprint (2 weeks) of prep work to write a test script, storyboard, end to end prototype and running the user testing.

First thing I worked on was to write a testing script. It starts with:

  • scenario context
  • key definitions
  • hypothesis
  • goals and test points we want the testers to try out

View the test script

View the storyboard script

View the end to end prototype users tested on. Please note this was done in Figma and not everything on the UI is clickable. It was for testing purposes only.


“...Keep it simple; the visual with
the ability to customize.” Senior Category Manager

User testing Methodology: Software used: LookBack, 9 Total Participants roles in Senior Category Manager, Category Development Manager. Panelists from large CPG companies. Done over video chat with 2 moderators. Testing Report Viewer and Marketplace for organization and if it is intuitive and helpful. Some of the tests include: if the filtering menus work in Marketplace, and if the film strip is a good way to navigate in Report Viewer.

Some of the top findings: Users completed tasks as expected. Report Viewer was praised for its usefulness and usability.

Some of the negative findings: Users didn't understand the filtering in the Marketplace. They didn't know it was a button to be clicked to them they thought it was more informational.

PSI (Product Scoring Index): Effectiveness 4, Ease of use 3.8, Overall (including other measures) 3.4

Recommendations: Interactions that will help users learn as they go. Users should know what to do at each step. Filtering functionality needs better communication.

Overall thoughts: Most exciting reactions to the look and feel. Users are happy to not have to select an app to get started.


Updating the UX based on user feedback: Marketplace filtering was improved to be more informational with a updated title and a sentence below stating how the filters work. Remove the edit icon next to filters, instead show all available filters. A tool tip was added as a hover state on each filter so users will know what each one does.

Putting it all together from user feedback the high fidelity designs are compete and ready for the hand off to the the development teams. This project has became the flagship product to be a system of record for NielsenIQ. This new platform was the fastest major product build and launch in our company’s history—a record-breaking five months. One single, modern, and differentiated visualization experience for all of our data assets and products. Paired with our foundational trusted data, customers will unlock doors to meaningful growth.


View wireframes, prototype, and video

View wireframes, prototype, and video